Anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend / wife in Sri Lanka

Suggestions please … :blush: :bouquet:

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Here are some ideas,

  • Bunch of roses
  • A pack of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher
  • Necklace
  • An anniversary ring
  • Some thing crafted by yourself
  • A surprise dinner
  • A frock
  • Polaroid Camera

Hi there,
First, you need to remind the date before her. That will be a part of the gift :stuck_out_tongue: Then you can make a nice video to surprise her. when giving gifts, you need to study her preferences. you can contact her sisters/close friends. Then you can identify whether she is more into fancy type or other.
Girl friends/ wives are appreciating your efforts. So try something not easy. then it will be more memorable.


My idea is go for an out of box idea.Girls prefer if person has gone through some sort of a effort for the present rather than it’s monetary value. Try to create something with your effort like website PCb a robo or some book which includes the memories of both of you…try to be creative

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Last time I did a similar thing for my wife :sweat_smile:

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