Best courses / classes to learn Java programming in Sri Lanka

My son is interested in learning Java programming and I recommended him the OCJP qualification after hearing the suggestions of my friends in the IT field. However, since OCJP has been there for a long time, I doubt how relevant it is now.

Are there any better courses to follow these days? Can you please share your insights and recommendations on classes and institutes too? (ideally located in Malabe/Colombo area)


If your son is planning to have a professional course certificate proving his knowledge in Java programming, OCJP would be a great choice.

However, if he is comfortable with using internet, I would suggest him doing some self-learning using online resources like Youtube videos, MOOC courses, and hands-on projects suggested by online tutors and blog posts. That learning experience would be helpful for him to not only learn Java, but also improve his skills in learning any topic online while making him ready for the future.