Best home exercise equipment for weight loss under 80,000 LKR

My weight is 85 kg and in order to meet a healthy BMI value, I need to lose 10-15 kg. Unfortunately I have a busy work life, so it is very hard to visit a gym in week days when I come back home in the night after work.

I tried many exercises at home, but didn’t get any result. I’m now thinking of trying some exercise equipment at home, but my budget would be around 50,000-80,000 LKR (the lower, the better).

  1. What are the good home exercise equipment that I can afford under the above budget for weight loss? Any special specs I need to look at?
  2. What are good vendors to make the purchase?
  3. What are the type of exercises I should do using those equipment?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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For weight loss, treadmills will be a great choice. However, according to your budget, you can only find an entry level treadmill within like 60K-70K LKR range. Specs to look at would be:

  • Make: avoid chinese low-quality ones
  • Motor: at least 1.5 CHP (the higher, the better)
  • Belt size: 48"x18" (122cm x 46cm) would be sufficient
  • Speed: 10+ mph
  • Incline: 10%+ up, multiple calibrations (at least 2)
  • Stability: treadmill should not shake when running/walking
  • Maximum weight limit: must be 10-20 kg higher than your weight
  • Warranty: motor & frame - at least 5 yrs, electrical parts: 1 yr

In the long run, entry level treadmills won’t give you a sweet experience, so if you can hit the roads (or jogging track), I would highly recommend outdoor running for you.

Workout mat
Buy a workout mat for your home exercises. However, the most yoga and workout mats in the market are not wide enough for serious workouts like wide-arm push-ups. I recommend at least 80cm x 185 cm size. Also, if you have a tiled floor at home, you may need to buy a very thick foam layer (or else, you can place your workout mat on top of a floor carpet) to avoid pains.

You must buy a set of dumbbells, ideally an adjustable dumbbell set in the market would do. If you cannot find adjustable dumbbell set, at least buy few dumbbell pairs with high and medium weights.

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Hi Kavinda,

In order to become more healthy, there are several parameters there. BMI is only one of them and the fact that you maintain your BMI value between 18-25 doesn’t always mean that you are healthy. In order to become a healthy person your BMI, Skin folds, mid-arm circumference, daily calorie intake, basal metabolic rate, fasting lipid profile, fasting glucose levels…etc. has to be at an optimum level.

As medical practitioners, we’ve seen many young adults doing the work out but not getting the satisfactory results they desire. A recent WHO study shows that Sri Lankan young population are at risk of getting non-communicable diseases at a very young age than the previous generation. “Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and chronic lung disease cause over 80% of deaths in Sri Lanka. More than a quarter of Sri Lankan’s are overweight, and one in four adults consume tobacco. Addressing NCDs requires a lifestyle change, and since individuals in the workforce spend a significant amount of time in the workplace, creating a healthy workplace is vital to our well-being (Article)” And due to the prevailing pandemic, it’s important to prioritize your health above all.

  1. What are the good home exercise equipment that I can afford under the above budget for weight loss? Any special specs I need to look at?

*** Resistant bands**
*** Yoga mat**
*** Pull up bar**
*** Dumbells (homemade dumbells can be used)**
*** Weight backpack**
*** Corset**
*** Posture Correctors**
*** Treadmill, abs shaper…. Etc**

  1. What are good vendors to make the purchase?

You can purchase these types of equipment online very cheaply from daraz, aliexpress, eBay. Or there are multiple Instagram shops are available but I highly recommend you to consider their ratings and read consumer feedbacks prior to purchasing them.

  1. What are the type of exercises I should do using those equipment?

With all this equipment to become a fitter person, your exercises must be consist of

  • Resistance exercises
  • Cardio exercises
  • Strength and flexibility exercises
  • Balanced diet
  • Good mental health with adequate rest in-between days.
  • Avoid sedentary habits (Smoking, alcohol, high refined sugar intake, fatty meals)

To succeed I would like to suggest few things for you

  1. Set exercise reminders on your phone and make sure you prioritize your health
  2. Set Smarter Health Goals
  3. Always try to have a balanced diet
  4. Take Your Workout to the Next Level
  5. Get a Fitness Tracker
  6. Get a personalise schedule from a trainer (This is much cheaper than purchasing expensive gym equipment and you will be motivated too. It’s psychologically proven)
  7. Seek medical advice…etc

And always remember it’s not the amount of you lifting it’s the correct breathing, posture and technique that will help you to become successful.

Dr. Sudheera Kumarasinghe

PC: I joined this platform today only and I know it’s being more than a month but I hope this will help you. And for any further help feel free to drop me an email.


@Sudheera thanks a lot for the answer :pray:

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