Best Zumba classes in Sri Lanka

I’m planning to learn Zumba in coming months and would like to know where to start, how to prepare myself, and most importantly the good classes to join (I live in Wattala and work in Colombo. Any place in-between or nearby is fine with me).

I’m an absolute beginner to this, so please share your suggestions and tips for classes and becoming good at Zumba.

You can find a lot of Zumba resources like coaches, classes, gyms, workout gear, and even video links on site:

If you are busy with work, it will be hard for you to attend these classes. In that case, I would recommend you to simply follow Youtube videos and start Zumba/Cardio dance workout at home. Here’re some video links I follow these days. You can check their channels for more inspiration.

As the preparation, you will need a workout mat and flexible dress (slim top and yoga pants preferred). You can find them at Decathlon ( or any other sportswear store in your town.

Good luck, girl! xoxo