Career change from Mechanical engineer to Mechatronics engineer

Recently I am a mechanical engineer. I need to know the areas I should cover and software skills that I should have to become a pro in mechatronics.


Hi @Rajitha_Deegala

I am a software engineer by training and profession, so I am not sure if what I type below is totally valid for mechanical engineering and mechatronics, but here goes.

I think you would need to have solid programming skills in general and related to mid-low level programming languages such as C/C++ or maybe even assembly in some cases.
You would also need to develop a mindset to think like a circuit board (lol, my point is like a computer) to breakdown problems to a manageable size. Such is the case when it comes to programming.

I have also asked a friend of mine who is a mechnical engineer by profession and training to look into this question. Hopefully he would have an answer with more specifics.