Good digital marketing courses / diplomas / degrees in Sri Lanka

I recently started a small marketing agency and hope to hire few members to my team for entry level positions. However, I’m not aware of the standards of marketing courses, diplomas, and degrees in Sri Lanka.

What are the good ones and not-so-good ones? I prefer to have a brief idea on where each program stands.

Are you planning to directly hire from the universities?

If so, your general choice can be the students who are following marketing / management courses which is not bad.

However, with my career experiences, most such people are not aware of practical business environments and lack the hands-on experiences.

Therefore, I would like to recommend you choosing people with the right exposure to the real marketing world. For instance, there’s a university club called AIESEC where young people get engaged with international entities and run projects for local community goals, which is a very fascinating idea. They have all sorts of modern marketing skills and so much better than the mainstream (and old-fashioned) marketers we find in the industry (I have had close relationships with them when sponsoring for their events and handling the partnership on behalf of my employer)

Apart from that, there are freelancers who do very well on online gig platforms and you can find them from FB groups. Be careful about finding a genuine person because it is hard to measure a person until you get to work with them (maybe give some sample projects first to test their skills and attitude).