How to accept online payments from clients for freelance work in Sri Lanka?

I did few graphic designs to a local client and he asks me whether I can accept payments online (he cannot visit me to handover money due to some other commitments).

What is the most secure and recommended method to accept online payments from individuals here in Sri Lanka? What are the costs of such methods?

Direct Money Transfer
If it’s a one-time payment, just ask your client to make a direct money transfer to your business account. In that case, you have to share your account number, account name, bank name, and branch.
The most professional way to accept business payments is to use a trusted payment gateway service like With PayHere, you can:

  • Generate a direct payment link for your service/product and share with clients (I recommend this option for your requirement)
  • Integrate as a shopping cart on your existing e-commerce platform via plugins
  • Integrate as a payment gateway for your custom app or website via API

The cool thing is that it supports almost all the popular payment methods from cards to mobile cash wallets to even digital banks. However, note that you need a business registration (at least a sole proprietorship) and a Sampath Bank account under your business name to apply for PayHere. Please follow the support documentation or contact PayHere support for further clarifications.

Important Advice:
Do not share your passwords or login credentials of your bank account/email with anyone. If your client asks for that information, it can be a sign of a fraudulent intention and you are thoroughly advised to follow your bank’s advice in such scenarios.

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