How to activate Mobitel data package?

My father is a Mobitel user and needs to activate Mobitel data packages to surf on web (facebook, youtube) and make international calls. What are the available internet data packages and different methods he can use to activate them (e.g. by sms, mobile app, web portal etc.) ?

For YouTube Usage
Press #170#, Select Content based plans, Select YouTube.
This costs Rs. 249 + taxes for unlimited usage on YouTube (only).

For general usage, you can follow this link and activate a package as per your requirement.

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Download Mobitel Self Care app from AppStore/PlayStore. It would be much easy rather than remembering all the codes and contact numbers.

You can simply browse through all the available packages and simply tap them to activate. Very convenient for elderly users like parents and even non-tech-savvy people :slight_smile:

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