How to find project ideas for my final year undergraduate research (software engineering/data science)

I’m a software engineering undergraduate and interested in doing my final year undergraduate research project in one of the below interest areas.

  • Software architecture, product/tool development, optimizations & improvements
  • Data science, machine learning, AI

From where can I find good ideas and mentors for my project?

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Method Pros Examples How To Reach
Lecturers and dedicated research units in the local universities Academic guidance, Well-experienced research mentors CSE (University of Moratuwa), UCSC (University of Colombo), IIT Research, SLIIT Research Find researchers in your interest area from senior batches, get the contact details of expert lecturers through them, email them with your interests and academic resume (1-2 pages)
Industry professionals and software companies Exposure to industry best practices, real world use cases, and domain knowledge Research teams from WSO2, MillenniumIT (LSEG Technology), Virtusa, Sysco Labs, DirectFN, Pearson, PickMe, 99x Technology Find the research team members from LinkedIn (e.g. search for titles like VP Research, Research Engineer), connect with them and send a direct message expressing your interest areas and asking for a contact to reach out for more information on research opportunities
Grad students from foreign universities Exposure to advanced topics and reputed experts in the field Universities in Singapore, Australia, UK, USA) Find researchers who are from your senior batches and study in foreign universities, reach them via Facebook or LinkedIn for opportunities.
Be an innovative entrepreneur Better control and returns at the risk of losing everything Many Make your best plan and execute