Introducing Technology to School Children in Sri Lanka

The world rapidly evolving, as a teacher I think introducing new technology to school children plays a major role in their life as well as the development of the country. Even some of the politicians have initiated several projects but they haven’t been effective as required.

Therefore I would like to ask you people, to suggest the ways that we can introduce new technology to the school children in Sri Lanka. Thanks in advance.


@Nethuwihfc Introducing technology always costs a considerable amount. When we were schooling we only had computer labs in our school. We just had offline education and hardly done internet browsing.

In my perspective, to introduce new technology to students, we should first let them familiar with the computers then provide them a controlled internet connection.

As the next step, the schools can introduce online registrations kind of things to register for exams, meetings, events etc. Then They’ll acquire online registrations related tech knowledge which is common now-a-days.

Plus, can arrange seminars to teach them how to browse safe, how not to expose your personal data kind of things.

I hope these small things make a huge change in their lives and always tablets (expensive things) are not necessary to introduce technology to the school children in Sri Lanka.