Is Nissan Leaf a good car for Sri Lanka?

I have seen Nissan Leaf cars listed in many car sale websites with very low prices. I was wondering whether it has quality/maintenance issues in long term or its electric nature is not effective in Sri Lanka.

Please share your experiences and known bad sides of Nissan Leaf cars. Do you believe that it is a good vehicle to buy for home use (e.g. short distance runs like town visits)?

Most Leaf users have a love-hate relationship with their model.

They love for:

  • Full electric car. So no need to waste time in queues at fuel stations during the busy hours.
  • Cost-efficient. It gives better mileage on a full charge.
  • Lots of space, very comfortable, and safety features. Best suits as a family car or “daily office visit car” or “gift for wifey” or short-distance car (maybe for visiting town or spending time at heavy traffics - e.g. brakes are great when it senses the front of the car is too near an object) :wink:

They hate for:

  • Very unreliable for long-distance drives. Never go on a trip in a leaf. Your battery will get dead earlier than you expected and you will end up in a town without charging centres.
  • Maintenance issues. In general, it’s hard to find genuine stuff and even if you do repairs, the car will age very visibly and never be the same again.

Extra tips:

  • Never buy leaf cars which are few years old. Don’t expect Leaf cars to be in mint condition after a few years of purchase. Battery issues are very frequent with old Leaf cars and you won’t be able to resell it for a good price because no one wants to buy such a car. After 5 years, you will have to fully dump the car, park in a garage for never-ending problems, or just forget about it.