Personal Finances apps that can be connected with Sri Lankan banks

I’m looking for personal finances management apps that can be connected with local banks.

One example (which doesn’t support local banks) is Spendee.

Does anybody know of any apps like that for local banks?

NOTE: I’m asking for money management, tracking and analysis apps. I am NOT asking for bank apps.


You must be asking for the Sri Lankan equivalents for Mint and YNAB, right?

Unfortunately, there’s no such app for Sri Lanka right now and it is highly unlikely to see such app in the near future.

The reason is that the Sri Lankan banking system is not yet ready to securely share the financial data (such as your account balance, transaction history) with third-party finance management apps :expressionless:


Yes, something like Mint or YNAB. I simply need a central place to view all my finances.

I was not aware of the data sharing situation of local banks.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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