Planning a Srilankan Wedding

Can someone briefly go through the steps of planning a wedding?

Hi, These are the brief steps of planning a wedding

  1. Decide your budget on everything (whether to have one day or two)
  2. Research about good wedding suppliers from social media, married friends, wedding exhibitions, wedding magazines etc.
  3. Decide a date with auspicious times/ as you wish
  4. Book the hotel with the menu you like
  5. Book photography/videography
  6. Book other vendors like band, dresser, stationary etc. (Here, you can contact a wedding planner which makes your life easy)
  7. Start nutritional foods before at least 6 months for both and do clean ups, drink water which moistures your skin on your big day
  8. Buy gold jewellary and other dresses before at least 3 months
  9. Distribute cards before a month
  10. Make wedding cakes before at least 2 weeks or you can give cupcakes too.
  11. Practice first dance
    12 talk with all your vendors one/two weeks before the wedding
  12. Relax on the last days of your big day otherwise you cannot enjoy the day.
    14 make a table plan/ a very detailed check list and a detailed agenda then you won’t miss anything :blush:
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