Rugby Sevens in Sri Lanka?

Hello there!

I’ve been part of the organisation team of an international rugby sevens tournament for a few years. It is called the Centrale Sevens and takes place in Paris every year in May. It is organised by students and gathers teams from all around the world, often young national teams, clubs or very good university teams, in a great a festive spirit.

I was wondering if rugby sevens is played in Sri Lanka, and if someone might know the contact of someone responsible for the national rugby sevens teams (men and women) if they exist. It could be a great sports and cultural experience to a Sri Lankan delegation in our event.

Thanks in advance!



I’m Shehan, and I’m a part of the Sri Lankan 7’s & XV a side rugby teams. It would be a great opportunity for us to be there and participate. Please let me know the details of the tournament via email so I can directly contact the Sri Lankan rugby union and get back to u.


Hello Shehan!

I am very glad you’re interested in our tournament. I will forward your contact to the current Teams Department of the tournament, and they will give you more information.

Meanwhile, have a nice rugby season ahead !



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