Traveling from Colombo to Galle

Is it okay to travel from Colombo to Galle on June 13, 14 for a home visit? Are the district boarder rules still effective?


A friend told me that he crossed the border without any problem today. So, I believe by the 13th of June, you will definitely be able to travel from Colombo to Galle with no problem at all. (My friend used the highway)


The district border rules are still effective for high-risk zones like Colombo and Gampaha, so don’t plan any trips or similar travel activities these days.

However, if you travel for work or to see your close family, the police officers will allow you to cross the borders under humanitarian reasons. Please be a responsible citizen and do not misuse that.

My colleagues from Galle & Matara came to their apartments in Malabe last weekend through the Southern highway :slight_smile:


I was planning to visit close relatives house on weekend but wasn’t sure if I could cross the boarders or use the highway. Thanks for the responses and sharing useful information.

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