What gift do I give to my Thaththa on Father's Day?

Howdy peeps,

Father’s day is almost upon us and I am juggling with this question. I have been thinking about this all week and got a few ideas, all boring by my inner voice’s standards (LMAO). Hope y’all can help me out and others who might have this question.

Thanks peeps :heart:.

PS: It’d be nice to see my old man elated, so bold, radical and out of the box ideas are welcome (nothing that’d give him a heart attack though, LOL).


There are a many Sri Lankan gift delivery websites who has many gifts listed,

Cakes and other gifts

Wines and Spirits

Photo Frams

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If he’s having a hard time walking you could get him a nice fancy walking stick. ( not a one that shows him old okay, like one of those I’m the boss kinda)

A cowboy hat ( well if he loves that kinda stuff)

If you like to go for handwork, a mini bottle collection of his favorite drinks ( i just got the idea so i don’t know where to find those or you could try the bottle caps)

A nice selfie stick ( make sure its strong and can pull very long, trust me he’ll love to show it Off with his friends)

A massager if he does gardening a lot