What is the best tool to organize research papers?

I want to map references of research papers and filter research papers by author, conference, journal, year etc. Currently, I’m using Mendeley but it does not provide any way to create a map (graph) of references. Is there a tool for that task?

In my research (back in 2018), I used Mendeley and Google Sheets to manage references and literature review. It was very tedious, but I had enough flexibility with those simple tools.

However, if you really want a visual thing, try below tools.


When it comes to my projects, I much don’t need visualizations in the sort of graphs, but sone sort of similar work to compare. I use Mendeley with tags (in notes) which quickly helps me to locate relevant stuff.

Also I keep annotated pdf files on onedrive renames with bibtex name.

I still have no idea of the perfect workflow but it kind of works for me.

Hope this helps.