What is the differance between MBA and MSC?

What is the content difference between MBA and MSC? Which program fits for an academic employee?


MSc’s are meant to be more specialized in a very specific domain and that domain can be anything - from business to engineering to social sciences to even criminology.

MBA’s are meant to be specialized in business in general and attract students working in many industries, who have a common goal of mastering business administration related subject areas.

MBA vs MSc in non-business domain
Comparing an MSc in non-business domain to an MBA is like comparing apples to oranges. However, you may choose an MSc in non-business domain to become a subject matter expert in that domain. And then, when you launch a business around it or start some entrepreneurial project in your life, you may want to obtain an MBA too, so that you will know how to manage people, run your operations, and take your business to the next level.

MBA vs MSc in business domain
If you compare an MSc in business field to an MBA, the use case I can think of is that you develop a huge interest in some business theory or come up with some new business methodology, so you may want to add an academic value by further conducting research while following an MSc, which is completely understandable. In that case, do only a MSc. You don’t need an MBA, if you don’t plan a run business or manage people and operations.

Referring to your question, when you say “academic employee”,

  • If you mean the administration side of academic field, do an MBA to gain skills to run your business/organization/university and get it to the top.
  • If you mean doing doctoral or becoming a lecturer and staying within teaching or research positions, then do an MSc in your preferred area.
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